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Orien places a high priority on how we operate in all departments, but backroom performance and in particular claim reimbursements are the most critical. We are staffed by skilled claims personnel with multiple years of EXPERIENCE in the medical health insurance field. Our senior claims team is available to assist in the timely adjudication and reimbursement of claims.

Orien offers:

  • Reimbursements within 5 business days of the receipt of all the required information.
  • The ability through FAIRCO to pay claims up to, and in excess of, $1,000,000.
  • Availability of the Specific Advance Funding Benefit for the entire policy period when extremely high dollar claims are incurred (Including the last month).
  • Availability of an Aggregate Accommodation benefit allowing for partial payments and policy end adjustment.
  • An administration manual documenting our internal procedures, reimbursement requirements and standards.
  • Access to various third-party vendors specializing in peer review, organ transplants and repricing for purposes of cost containment.

All claim notices and reimbursement requests can be submitted through