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Whether through Third Party Administrators (TPAs), Brokers or Administrative Services Only (ASO) programs, Orien can provide access to a full line of competitive products and services through Fair American Insurance and Reinsurance Company (FAIRCO).

Full underwriting authority through FAIRCO allows us to be flexible and expedient in our approach. Production sources are limited by state to provide an exclusive product with minimal duplication. Underwriters are available to work with you directly providing solutions to your client’s needs.

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Orien Risk is a member of the Society of Professional Benefit Administrators

Fair American Insurance and Reinsurance Company – New York, NY
FAIRCO is a subsidiary of Transatlantic Reinsurance Company (TransRe) which is A+ (Superior) rated by A.M. Best with a Group XV Financial Size Category ($2 Billion or Greater).

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Features and Benefits

  • Coverage available for groups with 25+ employee lives.
    (Subject to individual state guidelines)
  • Minimum Specific deductible is $10,000.
    (Subject to Individual State Guidelines)
  • Coverage available in 50 Jurisdictions (WA is pending).
  • Unlimited Lifetime Maximum.
  • Aggregate Coverage is typically $1 million with higher amounts available on a case by case basis.
  • Specific Advance, Aggregate Accommodation and Terminal Liability options are available to enhance the policy.
  • Aggregating Specific coverage for groups with larger deductibles is available.
  • 45 day lock-in is typical with up to 90 days available on a case-by-case basis.
  • No New Laser Product available.
  • Medicare Plus Pricing.
  • Ineligible industries include MEWA’s, Associations, Employee Leasing Companies and Texas I.S.D.’s.
  • Variations on Contract Basis are available when non-traditional options are needed.


  • Stable and Experienced Staff.
  • Availability of knowledgeable and Innovative underwriters that work with you directly.
  • Expedient turnaround time on complete submissions.
  • Production sources limited by state.
  • Underwriting, Actuarial, Administration and Claims paying are all handled out of our Long Island, NY office.
  • Preferred TPA status available. 

Orien Risk handles all medical stop loss services within the organization and does not outsource.